Learning Physiology in Context
  • Learning Physiology in Context

Learning Physiology in Context


This book offers a comprehensive guide to simulation-based physiology education of a broad range of undergraduate learners in healthcare and the biosciences. It centres around sessions following the hypothetico-deductive method, guiding learners to an understanding of physiology and pathophysiology in a simulated clinical environment.

For students of medicine and related professions this forms a foundation for later, safe clinical practice. The book covers educational strategies, programme design, and curriculum integration and implementation. The innovative learning methods developed by the authors are based on virtual patients and make extensive use of model-driven simulators. Over the years, educational throughput was improved 20 fold, while maintaining learner satisfaction and outcome. 


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“Rich and his colleague Dr. Eugene Lloyd at the University of Bristol have made very creative use of the available technologies, and managed to set up physiology teaching programs to a broad range of students. They managed to move from 2 facilitators teaching a handful of students standing around a manikin to 2 facilitators teaching 250 students with virtual patients, while maintaining student satisfaction and test scores”

Simon Walls - VP Marketing, Strategy and Partnership, CAE Healthcare, USA

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